CIRA/CCYR Receives Grant from Falmouth Road Race, Inc.

CIRA received a very generous grant of $12,000 to buy a 40’ galvanized Mo Rowing Trailer for Cape Cod Youth Rowing.  This trailer is essential to the program for transporting shells, some 60’ long, to and from our temporary racks at the beach and to races in the spring, summer and fall.  A trailer is our primary storage “facility” off season as well.  So it will get year round use.  

Also, the grant for this trailer frees us to focus on maintaining and upgrading our other equipment, some of which has served us faithfully for years beyond the expected life, with duct tape repairs, as a recipient of another grant mentioned, on more than one occasion.  And as we expand to Middle Schools, we will be able to provide equipment appropriately sized to younger rowers which is most important for health and safety.

We were grateful to be recipients on the 27th but also to see firsthand the community works that Falmouth Road Race supports and has supported over the years.  Their generosity enables so many positive things to be done to give Cape Codders, especially our youth, access to opportunities and programs otherwise unavailable.

Falmouth Road Race  Trailer.jpg
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