CCYR Shines at Mass Public Schools Rowing Association State Championships

Cape Cod Youth Rowing finished out the season racing at the  Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing Association championship regatta May 29th in Lowell.  Cape Cod Youth Rowing is a new program launched this Spring combining the Nauset High School, Cape Cod Tech and Cape Cod Rowing programs.  

In the Girls doubles Audrey Calianos (Sturgis) and Emily Conway (Barnstable) took home a silver medal with a time of 6:40.  In the boys double Oliver Launoy (Nauset) and Michael Cabral (Nauset) also took home a silver medal with at time of 6:12.  

The girl's quad with Ivy Tubman (Nauset) Laurel Fournier (Barnstable) Abby Kelly (Nauset) and Trudy Cox (Nauset) finished with a time of 6:24 and took home bronze.  Kelley Glennon (Barnstable) took silver in the girl's singles race in a time of 7:27.  

 The boys quad of Shea Cunha (Nauset), Carl Mueller (Barnstable), Ethan Singer (Nauset ), and Jacob Awalt (Nauset ) placed 2nd in the boys quad with a time of 6:14. In the sweep events the Girls 2nd varsity four comprised of  Ivy Tubman (Nauset)

, Ingrid Crosen (Nauset), Laurel Fournier (Barnstable), Abby Kelly (Nauset), and Coxswain Audrey Calianos (Sturgis) made the finals and placed 5th in the state with a time of 7:02.  The girl's 1st varsity four of 

Audrey Calianos, Emily Conway, Kelly Glennon, Trudy Cox and coxswain Laurel Fournier placed first in the heat and 5th overall in the finals with a time of 6:35.  

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